Remarkable Question

How do you revitalize the Wilson business after 30 years of stagnant growth?


The past three decades have seen a surge in the use of emotion to connect sports and athletes. Wilson, however operated largely as a product and sales company instead of a brand and marketing company.


A powerful relationship exists between an athlete and the tools of their game. Wilson is every athlete’s faithful weapon.

Case Study Video

Wilson didn’t have the media dollars to run the anthem at significant weight. So we turned our fans into both content creators and media—allowing them to appear in the film next to our stars and share their own version of the film on social media.

“Nothing Without It” :60 Film

This film celebrates the relationship athletes at all levels have with their equipment. From Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Dustin Pedroia and Kerri Walsh Jennings to the millions of amateurs around the world.


Pros and influencers invited amateurs around the world to contribute their own films, tagged with #mywilson, about what their equipment means to them.

As part of our global brand re-design, we also re-architected the e-commerce site in a mobile-first design that blended editorial content with shop-ability to enhance SEO efficiency.

Global Brand Re-design


We aligned Wilson around the world, in every sport and every country, with a new brand bible that gave them an iconic and own-able aesthetic in every medium.


Increase in brand passion, eclipsing Adidas, Nike and Under Armor for the run of the campaign.
Business units unified by one Wilson Brand Book.

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