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How can a 100 year-old sports equipment brand intensify its relationship with contemporary athletes?


While Wilson had experienced stagnant growth for 30 years, Nike, Under Armour and Adidas had grown into multi-billion dollar brands by stoking passion among their consumers via a combination of next-level marketing and product innovation. After a major re-launch of the Wilson Brand re-established their connection with consumers, they needed to back up the talk with action. Because actions speak louder than ads.


Feedback is the greatest performance enhancer on earth.

Case Study Video

See how we combined an ultralight bluetooth enabled accelerometer with bleeding edge UX, UI, machine learning and real-time data visualization to create the most awarded sports product of the year.

“All Day” :60 Film

See how the Wilson X Connected Basketball makes it game time, any time. From the driveway, to the schoolyard, to the park and the gym; four game modes provide real-time pressure so you can train smarter and harder than ever before.

“Buzzer Beater” and “Tech Story” :15 Films

While the :60 film provided the inspiration, these short form films gave players rational reasons to purchase the Wilson X Connected Basketball. And gave us media options for high performing pre-roll and mobile ad units.

App UX + UI Design

Our UX and UI design combined fundamentals of game theory and data visualization to help players maintain their motivation to train smarter and harder every day.

Naming & Packaging Design


First we named and architected Wilson Labs as the division within Wilson focused on creating tech forward innovations. Then we named and developed its first product, The Wilson X Connected Basketball. After that we crafted the graphic ID on the ball and the design of the packaging itself.


Wilson X was the number one selling sports product on Amazon for the 2015 holiday season
Wilson X was the most awarded tech product in sporting goods.

One Show Gold


One Show Gold

Mobile UI/UX

Cannes Silver Lion

Digital Craft


People’s Voice

Silver Clio


Bronze Clio

Package Design

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