Remarkable Question

How does a community hospital stand out in a region recognized for some of the best healthcare in the world?


Providence St. Joseph is a cutting-edge medical center with state-of-the-art facilities, but being just north of the iconic Hollywood sign, they compete with some of the top ten names in healthcare. As Providence St. Joseph continues to expand their facilities and improve their services, they needed a way to raise brand awareness and communicate prestige for a local medical center in a community where star power goes far.


Healthcare advertising is too sterile to capture the imagination of the most creative and discerning community in the country. To reach the community Providence St. Joseph’s serves, we needed to commandeer their conventions.


Stakeholder Alignment
This project needed the support of a diverse internal audience: not just the heads of marketing, but also the board of directors, which includes chief executives, doctors, medical staff, former mayors, donors, and community supporters. Through stakeholder interviews, we were able to understand these diverse perspectives and deliver a marketing framework that spoke to everyone, in turn, galvanizing support for a unified campaign.

Client Education
Providence St. Joseph had never worked with an agency before. To build a successful strategy for the brand campaign, we also needed to build a successful education strategy for our clients around brand building and effective communication planning.

Providence St. Joseph was one medical center in a region thoroughly populated by both world-famous and smaller, community-focused competitors. To find a viable position for St. Joe’s to break out from the competition, we conducted a semiotic review of the healthcare marketing landscape. Through our research, we identified two standard poles of messaging, as well as a way to break away from both in our branded communication strategy. This strategy then served as the foundation of our advertising work.


Our advertising had three objectives: elevate our perception against world-class competition; stand out in a market cluttered with conventional healthcare advertising; and unify Providence St. Joseph’s messaging efforts under a single brand umbrella. To do this, we ditched the tired, cluttered conventions of healthcare marketing, and opted instead for a set of conventions that would better capture the imagination of the most creative and discerning community in the country.