Remarkable Question

How do you take a company that services disparate sectors and organize its solutions for maximum market value?


As the pioneer of Caller ID services, Neustar has always been recognized as the leader in collecting and analyzing data to create identity authentication through real-time information, analytics, and telecommunications platforms. However, with the acquisition of numerous companies, Neustar’s complex offering and diluted brand equity made it difficult to truly differentiate its solutions across the different industries it served. It became clear that Neustar needed to align on a single brand vision and organize its diverse solutions around this new positioning to increase perceived value in the minds of both existing and prospective customers.


The connected world cannot operate without identity.


A Unifying Vision For The Brand’s Future

At the corporate level, we established Neustar as the expert in responsible identity science. In a world of constant change, the success of an enterprise depends on up-to-date insights into identity: an actionable understanding who or what is on the other end of every interaction.

To speak to this universal need, we positioned Neustar as a brand that helps clients grow, guard, and guide their businesses with the most complete understanding of identity. And to reinforce the brand’s position as a thought leader for today’s connected world, we made Neustar’s identity resolution capabilities the invaluable nucleus of every solution it offers.

Building Solutions Around Need States: A New Framework for Solving Client Needs

At the sales level, we helped Neustar rise above the product-and-feature selling strategies of the category by organizing solutions around core customer needs. To address customer pain points directly, we reorganized the product portfolio into high-value solutions for solving the most critical needs of corporate business leaders.

Pitch Co-Creation

Once we had crafted Neustar’s corporate brand narrative and the solution architecture aligned to both Neustar’s vision and their buying audience needs, we began pitch development. Drawing on the assets we had identified during our research and planning phases—ownable language and market differentiations—we developed strategic sales presentations that brought Neustar’s most compelling points of difference to life.

Working with buyer insights from the Neustar sales leads and drawing on our proprietary research methods, we designed each pitch around the specific buying audience’s needs, pain points, and opportunities. Prior to each pitch date, we worked with the sales leads to hone their storytelling technique and did a final ‘dress rehearsal.’

Modular Sales Materials

With a new strategic positioning in place, Neustar’s sales and marketing teams needed the tools to tell a compelling and cohesive story that would increase perceived value and ultimately pitch win rates. To empower Neustar’s teams, the agency provided brand alignment, training, and a storytelling system focused on making Neustar more relatable—and their solutions more relevant—to buyers. Working with sales leadership, we created a repository of tools and content for building pitch presentations, and led training workshops across Neustar’s 100+ sales team for how to leverage and present the new materials.

Storytelling Training

Prior to the pitches, we led a series of training sessions with key Neustar sales team members. Our presentation training workshops helped sales leadership be more persuasive and compelling when utilizing the modular sales materials.


Unified Visual Identity

After the strategic brand platform was developed, we began creating a proprietary brand identity system that would guide all future materials and assets. We wanted the new visual system to reflect Neustar’s premium value. Moving away from the dark and uninviting elements that comprised the previous visual identity, we explored a new color palette, incorporating lighter colors. The new color system serves as a visual differentiator in the market where brands are primarily using warmer, darker tones.

The new system incorporates the use of several proprietary design elements we illustrated to serve as visually interesting accents across Neustar materials. The 133 page style guide is a comprehensive and highly detailed exploration of the new visual system with thorough instructions, use cases, and applications.


Website Redesign

Neustar’s existing (and often “heady”) content was reformulated through a content strategy that elevated the relevance of Neustar’s solutions across external messaging, including the website, sales materials, case studies, talk-tracks, and white papers. Internal communications were also developed with the new strategic positioning to be delivered by the CEO across leadership and employees.


To help bring Neustar’s new corporate brand narrative to life, we developed two :60 films that worked to reinforce the compelling narrative across all marketing channels.

Go-to-market Strategy:  Giving Solutions a Clear Purpose

With the Neustar executive leadership and the board aligned around a shared vision for the brand’s future, and a methodology in place for building solution offerings, we needed to establish customer-centric value propositions that solved specific pain points for enterprise buyers.

Go-to-market messaging was developed to elevate the importance of understanding identity and reinforce the value Neustar solutions provide for customers. We developed launch and rollout recommendations for Neustar’s new brand positioning as well as for each of the Neustar solutions.   The result: a clear picture of what Neustar sells, who they sell to, and how they bring their solutions to market.  


Pitch win rate increase for sales for sales personnel who used new content strategy and training.
Pitch win rate for key identified flagship accounts.
Increase in pitch win rate across the marketing solutions group.