Remarkable Question

How do you move Intuit from an invisible brand to an indispensible one?


Intuit’s cornerstone brands (QuickBooks, TurboTax, Mint) hold more equity than the Masterbrand. Operating in this siloed fashion leaves Intuit’s greatest competitive advantage—it’s ecosystem— hiding in plain sight.


The self in self-employed doesn't mean you have to go it alone.


Historically, Intuit was a collection of tools designed to simplify the overwhelming tasks of your financial life.  Intuit was a masterbrand hidden behind its stronger, cornerstone brands: TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mint. People understand the company through the pinholes of individual products, not their aggregate power. Intuit suffered low awareness and brand health. It needed to future-proof itself from other mega tech companies that could easily expand into Intuit’s core fintech products and services, making Intuit irrelevant. And while Intuit’s data strategy promised greater insights and prosperity to their customers, they didn’t have a brand strategy to convey this message.   We started at the individual product level, through in-depth research prepping the cornerstone brands for a master brand presence. We conducted stakeholder interviews across leadership within TurboTax and Quickbooks. We followed this with a global research study on our broken relationship with finance. Unearthing insights and challenges for the future of the company, we found connectivity between brands, creating a bottom-up approach to a One Intuit Ecosystem as the point of differentiation and competition, as well as an evolution of their legacy tagline “Simplify the Business of Life”. It was in this context that “Powering Prosperity Around the World” was developed, a commitment that enables all people with the tools, resources, and information to live the life they want.

Longform Film

Intuit, the makers of TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mint, needed to shift from an invisible masterbrand to an indispensable partner to the self-employed economy. Despite not being a household name, we believed that Intuit was poised to move millions from anxiety to prosperity.  Self-Employed, side-giggers, freelancers, and small businesses represent an Independent Economy expected to make up 43% of the U.S. workforce by 2020.   In a juxtaposition to small business and self-employed, we realized that our big data benefits could create a new brand icon and personify big data as a partner– Giant Data. We believe the best way to prosperity is by putting the power of big data in the hands of those with limited resources and knowledge. This became a commitment and promise to the world that would fundamentally redefine how Intuit went to market. “A Giant Story” is a long-form content piece that personifies the power of big data for everybody. Its principal characters represent the inventive nature of Intuit and the real struggles of the self-employed. The Giant character is the metaphor for the power of big data and Intuit’s ability to help people prosper. Our heroine is a young inventor named Pari, the embodiment of Intuit, and our protagonist is Pete, the archetype of the self-employed community we aim to help.   We designed this content platform to earn hearts and minds, not buy them. Specifically aiming to:

  • Entice consumers to spend time with the brand despite limited media support
  • An animated world translatable across age, gender, geography, and vocation
  • Be a reflection of Intuit’s values as one of the top employers of female technologists in Silicon Valley
  • Uplift an unknown band to create a soundtrack of empathy and empowerment

Super Bowl :15

While the campaign was digital and social first, we strategically placed a :15 ad in the Super Bowl to introduce the Intuit Giant to millions during the most talked about week in advertising. Along with garnering millions of media impressions, it also drove views of our longform film, helping “A Giant Story” become one of the year’s most watched pieces of Super Bowl content.

Employee Launch and CSR Initiative

From Mountain View to Millions: Tipping the economies of scale in favor of self-employed individuals required a coordinated effort. Recognizing the “self” in “self-employed” no longer means you have to go it alone, we intentionally enlisted the help of every Intuit employee to bring the message to the world, the mission to power prosperity. The campaign launched under a three-pronged rollout during marketing’s biggest week, the lead up to the Super Bowl.

Thursday, Feb 1st 2018:

“A Giant Story” premiered to the entire company at a Mountain View launch event, broadcast to offices world-wide. 8,000 evangelist employees globally launched the film on social media by sharing the film immediately after the premiere resulting in over 300,000 organic unpaid views. A partnership with Kiva, the global microlender, encouraged employees to donate to underserved entrepreneurs with a matching donation from the company (over 50% of the company participated)

Friday, Feb 2nd 2018:

“A Giant Story” appeared on the YouTube homepage for the day, earning 60 million unique impressions.

Sunday, Feb 4th 2018:

“Giant Skip” appeared during the Super Bowl earning 110 million unique impressions for the brand, inviting viewers to fall in love with the Giant who powers prosperity, and create surrounding sound to “A Giant Story.”

Collectively we proved the power of a unified strategy could benefit the sum of all Intuit brands.

Tech Talent Recruitment

The world’s greatest technical minds don’t view Intuit as a Silicon Valley innovation leader, and historically understood Intuit through the lens of tax and accounting software. They are unaware that Intuit is on the cutting edge of the latest technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Conversational UI. Through “Giant Mission”, a :30 animated short, the Intuit campus is brought to life through the eyes of a new employee on their first day on the job. Our heroine Pari introduces the employee to the power of Giants, where a simple line of code changes the lives of small business, self employed, and financially self determined people around the world.


We leveraged content from our 4:00 piece to create hundreds of snackable and shareable videos and GIFs that built momentum for this new brand icon and awareness for Intuit.


Through Snapchat World and Selfie Lenses, we brought our 40-foot Giant to life everywhere from Intuit campuses to SXSW to the stadium in Minnesota on Super Bowl Sunday.


Views in 26 countries.

We exceeded campaigns objectives for brand awareness, subscriptions, and earned media impressions.