Remarkable Question

How do you help a boutique fitness brand become as beloved in the home as they are in the studio?


The beating heart of the Flywheel experience is the studio. It’s where burns are felt, personal records crushed, and epiphanies reached.  It’s what makes Flywheel Flywheel.  But for anyone not living in a major urban center, the power of Flywheel and its community was out of reach. Our challenge: to make an experience that’s as immersive and authentic to the studio as it is accessible in the home.


It’s not just about the instructor or the leaderboard, the music or the sweat, the sense of camaraderie or the feeling of progress, but about how they work together to make the Flywheel experience what it is. We would have to design a multi-dimensional, multi-sensory experience.

Products & Services

The Pheno team logged hundreds of hours in and out of the saddle with riders and instructors, to crack the code of the unique Flywheel experience. This led to the product strategy that formed the foundation for product naming, launch strategy, and UX + UI development. We designed a multi-dimensional UX that reproduced all of the social dynamics of the studio, and elegant multi-sensory UI that put riders right in the mix. It combines the founder’s vision and knowledge with content honed to the nth degree, a smart system that never stops learning and adapting to your needs, and social and sensory feedback designed to drive you to your limits and beyond.

Case Study Video


Watching a stationary instructor can become demotivating, so we equipped the live broadcast studio with 6 camera angles and a colorful LED screen for a more engaging viewing experience.

F* Campaign

With a bike this special, we had to tell the world about it. For the first time in seven years, Flywheel needed a brand campaign that would go straight to the hearts of their loyal army of badass riders.  So we pulled on our lycra and got in the saddle with the pre-dawn alpha dogs, moms-on-a-mission, and post-work warriors. Things got real. The burn was felt. And what we learned was that no matter how hard core they were, what class they took, or which instructor they took it with, every rider with Flywheel burning in their hearts had one thing in common: they never coasted. On the bike or in life. It was this spirit that inspired the campaign, from strategy to creative execution. The spirit of relentless optimism. To never take shortcuts. To say….F* it.


Increase in positive brand sentiment
Increase in social impressions
Increased influencer buzz