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How do you become a must-have streaming platform in a super cluttered category?


A new streaming service must offer consumers something they can’t get elsewhere. It must deliver more than streaming. On DC Universe, fans don’t just binge their favorite DC movies, shows, and new original series, they can also read over 40,000 digital comics and connect with like-minded fans on an official DC platform.


DC Universe is the place to unite all of DC’s characters and content so fans of all levels can dive deeper.

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Phenomenon - Work - DC

Before the platform was available to fans, we helped DC gear the entire app experience around personalization. If you love Batman, the app served up classic Batman shows you might not have seen before, suggested comics you may not have read before, and provided access to chat rooms that let you discuss all things Batman with other fans. These very simple tweaks to the UX and UI helped fans dive deeper into the Universe than they ever had before.



To the casual fan, understanding which characters are a part of which comic universe can be challenging. When it came to bringing DC Universe to the masses, we saw the opportunity to unite all of DC’s heroes and villains to show that DC has the most complex stories and iconic characters not just now, but throughout history. The “Word Smash” device loudly announced who and what was on the platform in a simple and iconic way. Murals created during Women’s Equality Day and Pride Week also helped contextualize DC Universe content to communities of comic fans others typically overlook. The campaign launched in New York, Los Angeles and in San Diego during Comic-Con.


Phenomenon - Work - DC Word Creator
DC - Word Creator

We also created a simple digital tool to let fans engage in the campaign themselves. The WordCreator lets you upload your own photo, create a DC word of your own, and share it on social media. DC fans like Kevin Smith and Kaley Cuoco helped spread the word.


Phenomenon - American Advertising Awards 2020

Gold - 2020 Addy's

Best Out-of-Home Campaign

Phenomenon - American Advertising Awards 2020

Gold - 2020 Addy's

Best Out-of-Home Transit Campaign