Remarkable Question

What’s the biggest impact we can make on the future of democracy?


How do you breakthrough the political clutter to help stimulate the best midterm voter turnout in over 50 years?


By creating a social movement through social connections and occasions we can make voter participation a celebration and make voting synonymous with community in order to seed cross-generational lifelong participation to usher in a new era of civic engagement.


We developed two videos (a long form and short form) for the social campaign of #VoteTogether. The #VoteTogether initiative motivates people to party at the polls…but we all know there isn’t just one way to party. We created a series of content that encourages millennial voters to celebrate voting their way. The long-form, “Jenny’s Dead”(:90) disrupts the clutter of political ads by using horror genre tropes to subvert audience expectations and demonstrate a voting party option. A snackable: 15 showcases just some of the endless possibilities for voting parties. Whether you’re a fan of the ’80s, enjoy a good BBQ or love sporting Red, White & Blue…celebrate democracy your way!


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