We are not Madison Avenue, we are not Silicon Valley, we are Miracle Mile.


We reside at the crossroads of many things. From our perch on the 28th floor, we look down on the Tar Pits and see what becomes of dinosaurs. We live across from Hollywood, where film and culture meet. We rub elbows with concept cars and contemporary art.

We wake up every day believing that the last competitive advantage is being first. First to identify an unmet need, first to leverage a new technology or platform, and always first to question the status quo.

We know that advertising alone has lost the power to move people and businesses. So we hire creative thinkers who have as many questions as they have answers.

People with a passion for solving, collaborating and smiling. And we give those Phenos a 360-degree view. From the Pacific to whatever they can imagine. A platform to surprise themselves and the world. Where design, innovation, creativity and strategy are all one thing. Because we aren’t content building marketing plans, we build marketplaces. With big brands in need of reinvention and challenger brands in need of invention. So please, let us introduce ourselves.

We are Phenomenon.
And we’re headquartered on the Miracle Mile in Los Angeles.

Our Values



Krishnan Menon

Chairman & CEO

Erica Hoholick


Jason DeTurris

Chief Strategy Officer

Jackie Aronson

Chief Growth Officer

Marco Icardo

Chief Financial Officer

Kat Friis

Chief Production Officer

Amy Panzarasa

Chief Talent & Culture Officer

Jay Gelardi

Executive Creative Director

Kyla Elliott

Group Creative Director

Andrew Vranicar

Head of Innovation

Brittney McDonald

New Business Director

Ali Filsoof

Design Director

Jenn Cook

Group Brand Director

Tara Mellett

Group Brand Director

Sarah Lamberson

Group Brand Director

Abigail Weintraub

Group Strategy Director

Ryan Stoner

Group Strategy Director

Mike Allen

Group Strategy Director

Martin Heaton

Group Strategy Director

Mike Bucks

Director of Creative Technology